R.M. of Frenchman Butte No. 501 Policies

Policies are needed to help guide how the R.M. provides services to residents and how we all interact together.  Council and Administration work together to keep policies in the municipality relevant by reviewing them on a periodic basis.  Listed below are the most viewed policies, full policy documentation is available at the Municipal Office.

General Government

100-01 Annual Audited Financial Statement Public Notice Policy

100-02 Membership and License Fees Policy

100-03 Hiring Legal Counsel Authority Policy

100-04 Annual Ratepayers Meeting Policy

100-05 Office Cleaning Compensation Policy

100-06 Purchasing Policy

100-07 Council Remuneration, Code of Ethics, Recognition and Sympathy Policy

100-08 Election & Referendum Remuneration Policy

100-09 Auditor Policy

100-10 Donation Policy

100-11 Tangible Capital Asset Policy

100-12 Asset Managment Plan Policy

100-13 Signing Authority Policy

100-14 Division Boundary Review Policy

100-15 Asset Management Implementation Policy

100-16 Road & Bridge Repair Maintenance Policy

100-17 Tax Cancellation Policy

100-18 Municipal Asset Disposal Policy

100-19 Governance and Operational Procedures for an Organized Hamlet

Transportation Services

300-01 Overweight Permit Policy

300-02 Gravel Sales Policy

300-03 Crop Damage Policy

300-04 Dust Control Policy

300-05 Right of Way Payment Policy

300-06 Backsloping Policy

300-07 Borrow Pit Policy

300-08 Fence Replacement Policy

300-09 Brushing/Mulching Clearing Compensation Policy

300-10 Municipal Road Classifications Policy

300-11 Snowploughing of Private Drives & Lanes Policy

300-12 Weed Management Plan

300-13 Culvert Sales Policy

300-14 Approach Policy

300-15 Brushing/Mulching Clearing of Road Allowances Policy

300-16 Final Road Inspection Attendance Policy

300-18 Custom Rates Policy

300-19 Municipal Road Maintenance Policy

300-20 Undeveloped or Sub-Standard Road Allowance Construction Policy 

300-21 Municipal Permanent Road Closure Policy

300-22 Municipal Speed Limit Reduction Request Policy

Environmental Health & Welfare Services

400-01A Wolf Bounty Policy

400-02 Nuisance Beaver Control Policy

400-03 Clubroot Policy

400-04 Weed Management Plan

400-05 Cemetery Policy

Planning & Development

600-01 Municipal or Public Reserve Policy

600-03 Ministry of Agriculture Crown Lease Land allocation Policy 

Recreation and Culture

700-01 Recreation and Culture Historic Signage Grant Policy

700-02 Recreation and Culture Event Hosting Grant Policy

700-03 Recreation and Culture Community Capital Grant Policy

700-04 Liquor Permit Policy


800-01 Liquid Domestic Sewage Carrier Fees Policy

Human Resources

900-01 Human Resources Policy

900-02 Municipal Employee Code of Conduct 

900-03 Anti-Harassment and Respectful Workplace Policy

900-05 Discipline Policy

900-07 Remote Working Policy

900-08 Pandemic Plan Policy

900-09 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

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