Road Maintenance

Maintenance of our roads is always a priority for the R.M. of Frenchman Butte. We strive to keep all of our roads in good condition year round. Our R.M. owns and operates a backhoe, D6 Cat, wheel loader, scraper, graders, and gravel trucks to provide grading, gravelling, dust control and snowploughing services on our municipal roads. Gravelling and grading are undertaken as necessary each year and these jobs are normally done on a priority basis.

Ratepayers requiring gravel, grading, snowplowing, or dust control are asked to please contact the R.M. Office directly for these services.  

Custom snowploughing can be requested on either a single job basis or can be arranged to be done on a continual basis over the winter season.

The R.M. currently charges a custom rate of $170.00/hr + GST for grading and snowplowing ($75.00 minimum charge).

A Custom Work Release Form needs to be filled out for all snowploughing and grading, click for form HERE

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