CHIP SEAL TENDER - Click Here for Tender Package

The Rural Municipality of Frenchman Butte No. 501 is seeking competitive bids for the double Chip Seal of approximately 2.15 kilometers of Perch Lake South Access on TWP 532 from Highway 21N to 2.15km West. The project must be completed before October 15, 2024.

The RM is looking for a Lump Sum bid on two different options. One where the chip aggregate is supplied by the contractor and the other where it is supplied by the RM. 
Contractors are invited to submit bids for the provision of the required services in accordance with the terms, conditions and bid response format as specified in this Request for Bid (RFB).
By responding to this RFB, each contractor thereby acknowledges that he has reviewed the process, terms, conditions and reserved rights contained in this RFB, and has voluntarily chosen to participate in this RFB subject to those procedures, terms, conditions and reserved rights.


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