Area Attractions

Frenchman Butte Museum

We are home to the Frenchman Butte Museum, a historical museum located in the Hamlet of Frenchman Butte, which houses artifacts and items dating back to the 1885 Northwest Rebellion.  More information can be found at

Frenchman Butte Log Cabin Tea House

Located next to the Frenchman Butte Museum is the Log Cabin Tea House, open for bookings May through September.  More information can be found at

Fort Pitt National Historic Site

The Fort Pitt National Historic Site is located approximately 15 km west of the Hamlet of Frenchman Butte. 

Cree Rifle Pits

The Cree Rifle Pits, the site of the battle in 1885 between the Cree and Major General T.B. Strange and his troops, are located approximately 5 km NE of the Hamlet of Frenchman Butte.

Carlton Trail

The historical Carlton Trail cuts through our municipality, extending from the south east corner on through to the North West corner.   This route was travelled mainly by the use of oxen drawn Red River Carts, and ruts cut by the wheels of these large two wheeled carts can still be viewed northeast of Paradise Hill.  These ruts are somewhat unique in that in most other areas of the trail, the marks have been long ago hidden by cultivation and regrowth. More information can be found at

Imhoff Museum

 The Imhoff Museum is a Municipal Heritage Property located eight kilometres south of St. Walburg.  The property consists of a 3.2 hectare parcel of land that features and artist's studio, farm house, barn and other ancillary buildings.  More information can be found at 

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