Burning Permits

Burning permits are free of charge and any ratepayer wishing to have a “controlled burn” within the R.M. boundaries must obtain a burning permit from the R.M. office (signature will be required). Note: If permission for a controlled burn was not obtained and the fire is reported by a concerned citizen you will assume all costs incurred for the fire callout. Burn permit season is from April 1—October 31 of each year (keep in mind there is a burning permit area within 4.5 km of the Bronson Provincial Forest that requires you to ALSO contact the Department of Environment & Resource Management.)

Required for controlled burns between the dates of April 1 to October 31 inclusive.

To Report a CONTROLED BURN CALL 1-866-404-4911
(This number is answered 24/7 - 365 days)

When reporting a Control Burn you will be asked the following questions:

  • What is your land location?
  • What is your RM number?
  • Who is your Fire Service Provider?
  • What are location details?
  • What are you burning?
  • How long will your burn last?
  • Your name and phone number

You will be asked to call back once the burn has been completed.

Burning Permit Application

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