Property Tax Assessment

The R.M. of Frenchman Butte No. 501 contracts the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) to calculate property assessments which are used to calculate annual tax levies for both municipal taxes and school taxes.
  • Every person that has assessed property within the R.M. of Frenchman Butte No. 501 will receive an assessment notice on re-evaluation years.  Re-evaluation years are every four year, the next re-evaluation year is 2025.
  • Assessment notices in other years are only sent if there has been a change to the assessment of a property.
  • Assessment Roll open for inspection is advertised in local paper (Meridian Source) and R.M. web page.
  • Assessment Roll remains open for 30 days except for re-evaluation year in which the roll remains open for inspection for 60 days.
  • Appeals must be submitted prior to the last day the roll is open.
  • Must have reason to appeal.  Taxes too high is not a reason.  There must be an error in the assessment.
  • Any assessed person may appeal their assessment even if they have not received an assessment notice.
  • Most appeals are corrected by an Agreement to Adjust if there is an obvious error.
  • More complex appeals such as market evaluation and interpretation of SAMA legislation are heard by the Board of Revision whom are appointed by Council.
  • Further appeals may go on to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board and/or the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals.
If you have questions regarding your assessment detailed inforamtion regarding your assessment is available at or by contacting our SAMA Assessor at 1-800-824-2570.


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