Event Hosting Grants

Motion 2023-02-08-023 passed at the February 08, 2023 Council meeting allocated the following for 2023 Recreation and Culture Grants:

  • Recreation and Culture Historic Signage Grant                $2,500.00
  • Recreation and Culture Event Hosting Grant                    $8,000.00         For further details please refer to policy 700-02; Click HERE for Event Hosting Application Form. After you have been approved by council for the grant click HERE for the Event Hosting Claim Form which is due prior to December 31, 2023. Late claim forms will not be accepted.


Utilities Rebate for arenas, curling rinks, bowling alleys, and halls. 

Eligible costs include power, gas, phone 100% rebate available up to community maximum, bills to be submitted dated between Jan 1 and Nov 30.

Invoices for the year are to be submitted no later than Dec 15 of the current year.                                   

  • Paradise Hill                                                                     $24,000.00     
  • St. Walburg                                                                       $24,000.00     
  • Turtleford                                                                          $12,000.00


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