Snow Ploughing

There are two options for snowploughing of driveways when the grader is in the area ploughing municipal roads.  Snowploughing of driveways is one pass into the yard and one pass out of the yard.

You have the option to have your driveway ploughed everytime the grader goes by and you will be invoiced $50.00 everytime it is done.  An annual Liability Release and Authorization Form must be signed prior to the driveway being ploughed the first time in each winter season.

For ratepayers who wish to have only occasional snowploughing of their driveways, you are required to contact the R.M. office to request snowplough service and you will be invoiced $50.00 for each request.  An annual Liability Release and Authorization Form must be sigend prior to request for snowplough service.  If request is made when a grader is not in the area then additional charges may apply.



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