293 Exemption Forms
August 25, 2020

Have you filled out your 293 Exemption Form yet?  If you own, rent, or lease land you are required to fill out a 293 Exemption Form for the 2021 reassessment year in order to qualify for the exemption.  Deadline is December 1, 2020.  You can pick up forms at the RM office or click on the link listed below to print off forms. 

If you have an improvement (residence) in the RM of Frenchman Butte and own, lease or rent land in our RM or a neighboring RM, the taxable assessment on that land is applied against the taxable assessment on your improvement, which in turn lowers the amount you pay for taxes on your improvement.  We are asking that all residents who own a home in the RM of Frenchman Butte to fill out an exemption form prior to December 1, 2020.

If you have any questions please call the office at 306-344-2034 or email rm501@sasktel.net.

293 Exemption Form 

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