Hamlet of Frenchman Butte Board

The Hamlet of Frenchman Butte Board is made up of a Board Chairman, Board Member and Board Secretary, the current elected officials are:

Hamlet Board Chairman              Tom Kirby                         306-821-2737                                                                                                     

Hamlet Board Member                 Ken Bielecki                     306-344-4462                                                                                                     

Hamlet Board Secretary               Starla McKercher-Fitch    

The Hamlet of Frenchman Butte holds an Annual General Meeting in the Spring to which all Hamlet Residents/Ratepayers are invited to attend.  Annual General Meeting information is posted on the R.M. Website, in the Hamlet of Frenchman Butte (Post Office) and with meeting flyers delivered to each residence in the Hamlet.

NOTE:  March 30, 2020 Hamlet of Frenchman Butte Organized Hamlet Annual General Meeting has been cancelled due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions.  Update as to rescheduling the meeting date will be provided as soon as possible.  If you have questions or concerns please contact your Hamlet Board or the Municipal Office.

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